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What is Zelle

A cell is a small place. We know the prison cell or the cell in a monastery, there lives a monk or a nun in it. Often you mean a cell from biology, it’s about the living beings.

What is Zelle
What is Zelle

Cells are the smallest building blocks, just like the bricks in a wall. Only, cells are so small that you need a powerful microscope to detect them one by one. For a whole person, it takes about 100 trillion cells, which is a one with 14 zeros.

Almost all living things consist of cells. An exception is the viruses that can make us sick. Simple living beings consist of only a single cell, that’s why they are called “unicellular”. These are, for example, bacteria. However, the majority of living beings are multicellular, so we humans too.

You can imagine a cell like a peach: the skin is on the outside, this is the cell wall or the cell membrane. The peach stone corresponds to the nucleus of the cell. In there are all the plans for the construction and work of the cell. These plans are called genes.

The pulp of peaches corresponds to the cellular plasma. It is sometimes a little more liquid, sometimes a little more solid. However, the scientists have discovered many more parts in the cells. The mitochondria gain energy. Other components do other things.

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