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What is Veal

Veal attracts with a delicate structure and convinces, for example, in the Wiener Schnitzel. What else you should know about veal, you can find out here. The meat of properly kept, about 3–month–old young cattle – these are calves – is bright red, low in fat and easily digestible. It contains easily digestible iron, the often scarce trace element zinc and a good portion of B vitamins, especially vitamin B12, which is found only in animal foods.

What is Veal
What is Veal

The lighter the veal, the less of the blood-forming mineral iron the meat contains. Because we consumers have been fed up with the misconception for decades that only light veal is tender, calves were often given low-iron feed and had to live in dark stalls so that the meat remained pale. In the meantime, we have learned that pink meat is also tender. The fattening conditions have changed accordingly. After a series of scandals, the craft was also laid to fattening, who had treated their animals with prohibited growth promoters. Since 1. In December 2000, the law prohibits the feeding of animal meal and animal fat to animals intended for food production. This regulation applies to the feed (milk replacer) for calf rearing and calf fattening, the animals must now be fed a vegetarian diet or receive natural milk as with organic farming.

In the kitchens of this world, veal enjoys an exceptionally high reputation, and rightly so. This is especially true when it comes to high-quality products from organic agriculture. After all, in general, it is considered brighter and more tender than the counterpart of adult animals. But there are also differences in taste.

It all depends on the right food
The coloration of the meat depends, first of all, on the feed that the calves receive during rearing. While a light pink is common in the stable fattening, the veal of animals that are allowed to graze on lush meadows and in the open air acquires a more powerful shade of red. Veal is usually a little less dominant in taste by nature than beef. In addition, the preparation is relatively simple.

But what is considered a delicacy for some has a bad reputation with others. For example, veal is not only criticized by people with a vegetarian or vegan diet. The fact that it is the meat of young animals also affects many carnivores to a certain extent on the stomach. But what exactly is behind the production and what is the attitude of the young cattle in practice?

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