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What is Twitch

Live streams have become big, especially in the gaming sector, although not exclusively. Probably the most important name in this area is Twitch: the platform continues to be considered a leader and has an audience of millions every day. Twitch was founded in 2011 and was bought by Amazon in 2014.

What is Twitch
What is Twitch

Many successful streams deal with gaming. In keeping with this, even eSports events are broadcast.
But many other contents are also represented there, be it art, music, comedy or talks.
An important factor is the communication between the channel operator and viewers. Live chat is used for this purpose. Due to its popularity, a separate online language culture has developed there, such as “Kappa”, which we have explained in more detail here.
Watching is basically possible for free. In addition, there is the possibility to subscribe to channels for a fee. As a result, the streamer earns money. One-time donations are also the order of the day.
However, in order to be able to offer a subscription, the streamer must have a certain reach in order to be a Twitch partner.
The technical requirements are more manageable: all you need to stream is a free Twitch account, a PC with sufficient power, software such as OBS, a microphone and enough bandwidth. By the way, Amazon Prime subscribers can subscribe to a Twitch channel of their choice for free.

Would you like to know what Twitch is exactly? Here you will find all important information! Twitch is a platform where users can stream various applications, which is mainly used for video games. On Twitch you can watch your favorite streamers completely free of charge and without your own account. So a bit like YouTube for gaming – just live.

Countless videos are streamed daily via Twitch. Most often, video games are broadcast live, which the player comments on. You can then watch this streamer and chat with him and other viewers via the live chat.

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