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What is Transgender

Trans is called when a person’s inner knowledge of what gender he has (gender identity) does not coincide with the gender assigned at birth. Terms that are also used for this are, for example, transgender or transidentity. Some also use the older term “transsexuality”.

What is Transgender
What is Transgender

Trans men were sorted at birth as girls, trans women as boys. Non-binary trans people were classified as male or female at birth.
Trans people live very differently in the gender that they feel is the right one. Whether you clearly look like a man or a woman, whether you have had surgery or whether you behave particularly “male” or “female” does not change anything. Because: Trans is not only who has sex reassignment surgery.

Appearance and feelings, concerning one’s own gender, coincide in most people. Transgender means that this is not the case. That body and soul are separate.

Tyler Binnenbruck works as a cutter in Mainz. The 22-year-old trained as a media designer here.

He was born in Landshut – as a boy – but to his chagrin with female physical characteristics. Tyler is transgender. A trans man.

Transgender means that one’s gender does not match one’s physical characteristics.

The term “gender” comes from English and denotes the socially assigned or lived gender. “Trans” is Latin and means “towards, over, beyond”.

Transgender therefore means towards the gender that is also lived, just as the person concerned feels, regardless of his physical characteristics.

Transgender is a biological peculiarity. Every person has a sense of which gender he belongs to – male or female or neither of the two.
This feeling is independent of appearance. For most people, looks and feelings match.
Most people who have female physical characteristics also perceive themselves as female, most with male characteristics perceive themselves as male.
But for some people – it is assumed that it affects about 40,000 to 80,000 in Germany – feelings and external characteristics do not match.

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