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What is the Meaning of Life

We are born into this world without being asked and are supposed to shape our lives. But how, in fact, and most importantly, why? Why are we here? People have been asking themselves this question since time immemorial. Is there an answer to that at all? MDR WISSEN reporter Karsten Möbius tries to find her.

What is the Meaning of Life
What is the Meaning of Life
the Meaning of Life
the Meaning of Life

How on earth do we come up with the crazy idea that life – and especially human life – could have a predetermined meaning, a purpose? That it could follow a big plan, some kind of idea and that we have not been able to figure out this idea, this sense until today.

What, in fact, is the meaning of life? This burning question has been bothering people for millennia. Why are we here? What role do God, chance, fate or destiny play? What is the meaning of existence in itself? How do I give meaning to my own life? Ultimately, each person must figure out the answer for himself. But how? A look at the most important life wisdom and quotes from philosophy, religion and psychology give us orientation on how we can make the most of our lives. The goal: to find meaning and find happiness!

Is there a meaning to life – or is it all just a coincidence?
“The purpose of life is life itself,” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once wrote. But it does not seem so clear and unambiguous to many. Does our existence have any meaning at all? The Austrian philosopher Günther Anders, among others, asked this provocative question: “Why do you presuppose that a life, apart from being there, should or could have something else – just what you call meaning?“

Yes, why actually? From a purely scientific point of view, the meaning of life in a randomly created world could also lie only in biological and socio-cultural evolution, controlled by the instinct of self-preservation and procreation.

In an online forum, a panelist writes about the meaning of life: “Look at the animal world. The animals are happy because they don’t worry about us humans and don’t need religion. They live and do not even know why. Only man asks for the meaning.“ But is the life of man really nothing more than a purely accidental existence? On the tiny grain of sand Earth in the vastness of space? Nothing more than a meaningless blink of an eye in infinity in time and space?

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