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What is the FA Cup

The FA Cup is the oldest cup competition in the world. in 1871, Charles W. Alcock proposed a tournament in which all English clubs could participate. A committee decided that it was going to be a knockout tournament and the FA Cup was born. The tournament enjoys worldwide popularity, as it is known for the fact that amateur teams bring down the giants, and the final matches are held at Wembley.

What is the FA Cup
What is the FA Cup
FA Cup
FA Cup

The FA Cup was already established before football became a professional sport. London Wanderers FC, which is now an amateur club, won the first final match in the history of the competition. Two thousand fans took part in a tournament that now has an iconic status. Wanderers FC also won the second final game and subsequently five more FA Cup titles, the last in 1878.

Its long history and countless traditions mean that the FA Cup tournament is very prestigious. Cup tournaments in other countries do not have the same level. Traditions include the fact that a member of the royal family always participates in the final. This person always shakes the hand of the players who are going to start the game. Another tradition is that the final takes place at Wembley Stadium. You can read more about this later in this article.

The FA Cup starts with more than 700 teams. There are 92 professional football clubs in England, so most of the participants are amateur clubs. There will be six qualifying rounds, after which the tournament will “officially” begin. Clubs from the Premier League and the Championship take part from the third round.

The top clubs take this cup competition very seriously because the FA Cup is so important in England. Therefore, you can often see that these clubs send a strong team into the field. However, participating in a game in the FA Cup does not mean that you will not be able to experience star players who show all their skill.

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