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What is the Bill of Rights

The “Bill of Rights” are 10 amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America to protect individual citizens and to limit the power of the government. The Bill of Rights includes important freedoms promised to Americans. In most cases, these rights limit the powers of the government in relation to individual persons.

These rights include:

Freedom of speech: The government must not dictate to the citizens what they are or are not allowed to say. Citizens are allowed to express themselves on public matters as they wish without fear of being punished.
Freedom of religion: The government may not dictate to citizens where they practice their religion. Whether the citizens practice a religion or not remains their own decision.

What is the Bill of Rights
What is the Bill of Rights
Bill of Rights
Bill of Rights

Freedom of the press: The government is not allowed to decide what can be printed in newspapers and what can be said on radio and television.
Freedom of assembly in public places: The government must not prevent anyone from holding lawful assemblies for a wide variety of reasons.
The right to own a firearm: In most cases, the government may not prevent anyone from owning firearms.
The freedom to protest against government actions and to demand changes: the government must not silence or punish anyone who questions government activities with which he does not agree.
The ‘Bill of Rights’ also guarantees compliance with certain legal procedures that must be followed when someone is accused of a crime. This process is called “due process”.
Police officers and soldiers are not allowed to stop and search a person without a good reason. You are also not allowed to search someone’s apartment or house without the permission of a court.
Persons accused of a crime are guaranteed a speedy trial before a jury consisting of citizens like themselves. They are guaranteed legal representation and are allowed to call witnesses to testify for them. Cruel and unusual punishments are prohibited.

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