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What is Socialism

Socialism is a technical word from politics. This means two different things. On the one hand, socialism is an idea of how people should live together. All people should have the same rights, and no one should be poor. Anyone who likes these ideas is a socialist.

What is Socialism
What is Socialism

On the other hand, socialism is called a form of society that looks the way the socialists want it to look. The factories with which you make things should belong to the state. The state is led by socialists and ensures that all people are well.

The politicians who call themselves socialists have very different ideas. Some want to completely change the whole society, others just a little. Some also want to use violence to achieve the goal of socialism. Others, on the other hand, think that people should be persuaded peacefully so that they also become socialists.

Socialism is a political doctrine that emphasizes equality and solidarity of all people. Some of his basic ideas were already described in the 18th century, in the time of the Enlightenment. But it was not until the 19th century, when there was more and more poverty and misery among the workers with industrialization, that socialism developed into a mass movement. Various ideas were now combined into one political doctrine, which soon divided into two currents.

Democratic Socialism
At the end of the 19th century, the workers and the trade unions represented democratic socialism. Through gradual changes, the economic and social conditions and thus the living conditions of the people should be improved. No one should exercise power over other people if he was not democratically elected. The Social Democratic Party of Germany, the SPD, emerged from this movement.

Revolutionary Socialism
Revolutionary socialism, on the other hand, sought a violent overthrow and a radical new beginning in the economy and society. He saw himself as a transitional stage to communism. After the Russian October Revolution in 1917, “real existing socialism” emerged in the Soviet Union. The socialist system was also introduced in other states. Almost everywhere, socialism led to tyranny, in which many people were oppressed. Around 1990, many socialist social orders collapsed.

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