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What is Pilates

PILATES is a gentle but extremely effective training method for the body and also the mind – a systematic body training, invented and developed by Joseph H. Pilates. Individual muscles or muscle sections are specifically activated, relaxed or stretched. It is not the quantity, but the quality of the PILATES exercises that counts and the breathing is coordinated with the movements.

What is Pilates
What is Pilates

Particular attention is paid to the middle of the body. Training of deep muscles in the pelvis and waist improves mobility. As a result, the pelvis and shoulder area can be rotated even more freely against each other. By activating this powerhouse, the waist and hips become slimmer – as a side effect, so to speak. Pilates brings muscles and joints back into swing without straining them.

Those who train PILATES will soon change their movement and posture habits and thus take the training with them into everyday life. Many of the PILATES exercises can also be used effectively during the usual daily activities or other sports. People who practice PILATES seem taller, more upright, more relaxed and slimmer – just more natural.

Pilates is a holistic full-body training in which breathing and movement are brought into harmony. Due to the tension of the deep abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles, the trunk is stabilized and thus the powerhouse is activated. In addition, mobility is promoted by training functional movement sequences.

In Pilates, the controlled and concentrated execution of movements is always in the foreground. In all exercises, quality is more important than quantity!

Joseph Hubert Pilates was born in Mönchengladbach in 1880. Even as a child, he had a weak physique and was often ill. Nevertheless, even as a child, he devoted himself to various sports. When it came to sports, he was particularly fascinated by the fact that you could ensure the correct execution of exercises with concentration and that you could then influence the mind by controlling the body. He also recognized and became interested in the important role that breathing plays in body control.

in 1912, Mr. Pilates went to England to become a professional boxer. When he became a prisoner of war during the First World War, he used his training methods to help other war wounded in rehabilitation.

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