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What is Pansexual?

What does pansexual mean in simple terms?

Pansexuality: what is pansexual? orientation
Pansexuality refers to a sexual orientation that is not defined by the attraction for a particular gender. The term “pan” comes from the Greek and means “everything” or “comprehensive” in relation to sexuality.

What does pansexual mean in simple terms
What does pansexual mean in simple terms

What is pansexual? The difference from bisexuality
“Bi” in translation means “two”. People who feel bisexual find other men and women attractive. So there are both heterosexual and homosexual inclinations in sexuality. Up to this point, there is no difference between bisexuality and pansexuality.

What is Pansexual
What is Pansexual

People who do not choose their partner by gender in the biological sense describe themselves as pansexual. They can also develop sexual and romantic feelings for people who do not or do not only identify with the gender assigned to them at birth, for example, transgender, hermaphrodite or intersex people. Find out here why pansexuality is not the same as bisexuality and how to tell if you are pansexual.

What is pansexuality?
The prefix “pan” comes from the Greek and means “everything”. Accordingly, pansexuality means that someone is emotionally, romantically and sexually attracted to people of any gender and can fall in love with them.

However, in the case of pansexual people, “gender” includes, in addition to the binary sexes of man and woman, any other gender identity, from bi- or homosexual women and men, to transsexual people and hermaphrodites (intersexuals, hermaphrodites).

Out of an inner need, pansexuals overcome the sexuality and partner choice of the traditional conservative society based on gender boundaries. This sexual orientation is also referred to as anthrosexuality or omnisexuality. The only limitation: the desire refers only to adult people, so it does not extend beyond age or species boundaries.

What is an example of a pansexual?
What does pansexual mean in slang?
How do you know if you’re pansexual?

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