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What is Mono

It has nothing to do with Monkey Island. Mono is the free implementation of CLI (Common Language Infrastructure) and C # (both created by Microsoft) according to the specifications submitted to the ECMA for its standardization. This implementation is open source.

Mono contains the CLI, which contains the virtual machine responsible for loading the classes, the JIT compiler (just-in-time) and the garbage collector. All this was written from scratch according to specification ecma-334.

Mono also includes a C# compiler, which, paradoxically, is written in C#. Like the CLI, this compiler follows the ecma-335 specifications.


What is Mono
What is Mono

In addition, Mono has a catalog of libraries that are compatible with the .NET Framework libraries, but also a number of libraries that are not present in Microsoft’s .NET Framework. B. GTK #, using the native graphical interfaces of the GTK + toolkit, Mono.LDAP, Mono.Posix, etc. can be created.

Origin of Mono
Mono was conceived by Miguel De Icaza, the project was sponsored by his company Ximian at that time; currently Novell is the sponsor of the Mono project since Novell acquired Ximian.

The motivation for creating mono lies in the search for tools that support the rapid creation of applications in the Linux environment.

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