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What is Monkeypox

Monkey pox (English: monkeypox) is a disease caused by viruses. The pathogens belong to the smallpox family, but usually cause a milder course than human smallpox, in addition, they are less contagious (see below).

What is Monkeypox
What is Monkeypox

The virus was first detected in monkeys in a Danish laboratory in 1958 – hence the name. However, experts suspect that the pathogen actually circulates in squirrels and rodents, monkeys, like humans, are considered so-called false hosts.

Infection in humans was first detected in 1970 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in a nine-month-old boy. Since then, the monkey pox has been found again and again, especially in West and Central African countries.

How to get infected with monkey pox?
In the past, people have been infected with the monkey pox virus mainly on infected animals, especially rodents – for example, if they were bitten by them or came into contact with their excretions. If a disease passes from an animal to a human, it is called a zoonosis.

Is there a cure for monkeypox?
What are symptoms of monkeypox?
What are the causes of monkeypox?
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