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What is Medicare

Medicare is health insurance for:
* People who are 65 or older
* Persons under 65 with certain disabilities
* Persons of all ages with terminal renal insufficiency (permanent
Renal failure requiring dialysis or a kidney transplant)

What is Medicare
What is Medicare

What are the parts of Medicare?

Original Medicare is a paid health insurance cover consisting of 2 parts
consists of: Part A (hospital insurance) and Part B (health insurance).
Part A helps with insurance coverage for:
* Inpatient treatment in hospitals
* Treatment in nursing facilities with trained nursing staff
* Hospice care
* Home nursing
You usually do not pay a monthly contribution for Part A insurance coverage,
if you or your spouse paid Medicare taxes when you were working. This will
is sometimes called contributory part A. If you are not eligible for the non-contributory Part A
if you are eligible, you may be allowed to purchase Part A.

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