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What is Medicaid

All started with the man from Independence“[1] said President Lyndon b. Johnson in his July 30, 1965 speech about former President Harry S. Truman. Truman was one of the first presidents to hold a state

What is Medicaid
What is Medicaid

Health insurance system for the United States. Thus, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Social Security Amendment Act into law on July 30, 1965.[2] This finally came into force on July 01, 1966[3] and Medicare and Medicaid thus became the two most important state insurance programs in the United States. Until this historic moment, the needy American citizens were completely on their own with the good health. Many years later, the law ״Affordable Care Act“[4], better known as ״Obamacare“, introduced by President Obama, was able to significantly upgrade the two public insurance programs through its policies and subsidies.

The United States is the only industrialized country in which there is no comprehensive public or state health insurance. After all, the Medicare and Medicaid programs have created mandatory coverage for the elderly, seriously ill and poor people. The number of insured persons as well as the costs of the programs are undergoing a constant growth process. Today, in terms of the number of insured, they are the largest state insurance companies in the United States.[5]

As part of this work, the programs Medicare and Medicaid within the American health insurance system will be dealt with. After a presentation of the structure of the health insurance system, the two programs are explained in more detail with regard to the provision of services and financing. The last section deals with the increasing problems of self-benefits that Medicare and Mediciad policyholders have to bear.

There is a prevailing opinion in many countries that if you are poor in the USA, you automatically do not have health insurance. This prejudice is undifferentiated, and therefore erroneous.

If you take a closer look at the US system, you will notice that with “Medicaid” there has been a state health insurance system since 1965 that offers disabled people, pregnant women and people with children good health insurance (www.medicaid.gov ). You just must not earn too much, otherwise you are not Medicaid eligible. To give numerical examples: a family of four is eligible for Medicaid below an annual income of $44,100. Medicaid covers medication costs, doctor and hospital visits, with or without co-payments, depending on income.

The main groups excluded from Medicaid are high-income, illegal immigrants and childless adults aged 19 to 65, even if they are poor.

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