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What is Mchc in blood test

The determination of the average hemoglobin concentration of red blood cells (erythrocytes) in the blood is carried out during the study of the blood count.

What is Mchc in blood test
What is Mchc in blood test
Mchc in blood test
Mchc in blood test

On the one hand, a large number of values are measured directly in the blood count analysis. Further values can be calculated from these results. An example of this are the so-called erythrocyte indices:

MCV: mean cell volume of erythrocytes
is calculated from erythrocyte and hematocrit value.
MCH: mean hemoglobin content of erythrocytes
is calculated from erythrocyte and hemoglobin level.
MCHC: mean hemoglobin concentration of erythrocytes
is calculated from hemoglobin and hematocrit value.
The blood count analyzers used in a modern medical laboratory always automatically determine these erythrocyte indices. The erythrocyte indices (especially the MCV) can provide information about possible causes of anemia. All three erythrocyte indices are assessed together in a summary of the individual values.

What does the MCHC value say?
MCHC stands for ”mean corpuscular haemoglobin concentration” and describes the average haemoglobin concentration of all erythrocytes. It belongs to the erythrocyte indices, as well as the volume of erythrocytes (MCV) and the mean hemoglobin content (MCH). These values are used, among other things, in the diagnosis and differentiation of anemia (anemia).

The MCHC value is not measured directly in the context of a blood count, but is calculated from other values. The mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration results from hemoglobin (Hb) divided by hematocrit (Hkt).

At what symptoms determine MCHC?
The analysis of blood cells is part of routine diagnostics and is one of the most frequently requested laboratory tests, usually as part of a blood count. MCHC is included in both small and large blood counts.

Anemia is a common disease of the blood. Of the so-called anemias, there are a great many different types. These have very different causes, but similar symptoms. Since the MCHC is derived from other parameters, the MCHC value is often in the normal range in anemia, and not too low as many assume the MCHC. Symptoms of anemia can include.

pale skin and mucous membranes,

Fatigue, as well as

Heart palpitations (tachycardia).

The MCHC can be used for plausibility testing of blood values. The average hemoglobin concentration of all erythrocytes is comparatively stable. Deviations indicate a few diseases or measurement errors in the evaluation of the blood sample.

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