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What is Matcha

Matcha is green tea obtained from the tea variety tencha. Four weeks before the production of the green tea powder – usually in the spring – the tea plant is covered with bamboo mats or opaque nets so that more chlorophyll is formed. During the harvest, only the top two leaves are picked by hand. The raw tencha tea leaves are then steamed and dried for matcha production, during which the ingredients are preserved. Without leaf stems, the leaves are ground into fine powder in granite stone mills. In this complex process, about 30 grams of dark green, noble matcha powder are produced per mill within one hour.

What is Matcha
What is Matcha

Matcha has its origins in China, but centuries ago a Zen monk brought the knowledge of the noble tea to Japan. There, the production and preparation was perfected and integrated into the Japanese tea ceremony. The most important growing regions today include Kyoto and Kagoshima.

Matcha tea is the most valuable green tea in Japan and the centerpiece of the Japanese tea ceremony. However, the green matcha powder originally came from China. With its high caffeine content, matcha is also known as the “espresso among teas” (2g of matcha powder contain about 64mg of caffeine, an espresso 80g of caffeine). In recent years, matcha tea has become a popular trend drink among green teas and is a wonderful pick-me-up due to its ingredients as an alternative to morning coffee.

History of green Matcha Tea
Matcha tea is hand-picked for the highest qualities.For a long time, the Chinese ground their tea into the finest, green powder before it was whipped up in tea bowls with a broom. However, in China, this “era of powdered tea” fell into oblivion. Fortunately, in the 12th century, a Buddhist Zen monk named Eisai brought some Camellia Sinensis plants (the tea plant from which all classic teas are made) and the knowledge of the preparation from China to his Japanese homeland. It was there that the Japanese adopted this special way of drinking tea, developed it at the highest level and perfected it in the form of the tea ceremony “cha-no yu”.

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