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What is Lox

Lipoxygenases, LOX for short, are enzymes that oxygenate fatty acids.

Substrates of lipoxygenases are polyunsaturated fatty acids that have two isolated double bonds in cis configuration. These are present in a 1-cis, 4-cis configuration, which means that there are two single bonds between the two double bonds.

What is Lox
What is Lox

Lipooxygenases belong to the dioxygenase family and add two oxygen atoms to the hydrocarbon skeleton in a multi-step reaction. As a result, a so-called hydroperoxy fatty acid is formed, which carries a hydroperoxide group (-OOH) on a carbon atom. As a result of this reaction, a double bond is converted into the trans configuration and a total of 1-cis, 3-trans configuration is formed. So now there is only one single bond between the two double bonds.

The care of Homecare patients with LOX is strictly regulated. The necessary requirements for LOX as a finished medicinal product can be read under the chapter “Oxygen medicines – finished medicinal products”. In principle, of course, the AMG must be observed.

It should be ensured that LOXmed is provided to the patient exclusively in unchanged form. This can be assumed if all the requirements of the “GPD LOX Homecare” guidelines for the care of patients with the drug liquid oxygen in the home are met (Spectaris).

The supply chain can be described as follows:

The AMG-approved manufacturer of LOXmed fills the liquid oxygen into the trailer.

Manufacturing permit §13 AMG
Release acc. AMWHV §16
Examination acc. AMWHV §14
Test protocol acc. AMWHV §14
Air separator transport of the LOXmed to the retailer and filling of the existing storage tank there. In addition to the delivery documents, the retailer receives information about the batch number of the filled LOXmed. The batch documentation must be archived by the manufacturer. Inspection by authorities must be possible at any time.

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