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What is Long Covid

Long COVID is the generic term for long-term health consequences that may be present after infection with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. The term “Long COVID” includes symptoms that persist, worsen or reappear more than four weeks after infection with the coronavirus. Complaints that persist after three months and persist or recur for at least two months are called post-COVID syndrome.

What is Long Covid
What is Long Covid
Long Covid
Long Covid

The long-term health consequences of infection with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 include impairments of physical, mental and mental health, which limit the ability to function in everyday life and the quality of life. The reported symptoms are very different. They can occur individually or in combination and last for different lengths of time. There is no uniform clinical picture of Long COVID so far.

The most common complaints include fatigue, exhaustion and limited resilience (fatigue), shortness of breath, concentration and memory problems, sleep disorders and muscle weakness and pain. Psychological problems such as depressive symptoms and anxiety as well as disorders of taste and smell are also frequently reported.

Some people still suffer from long-term health consequences, the so-called long or post-Covid syndrome, months after a coronavirus infection. We explain, among other things, how many people are affected, what symptoms can occur and what can be done about it.

Long Covid syndrome refers to illness-related physical and mental impairments that either occur in the acute phase of the disease and last beyond four weeks or that only show up four to twelve weeks after infection. If the symptoms are still present three months after infection and last for at least two months, specialists talk about a post-Covid syndrome. For convenience, in this article we are talking about Long Covid – the symptomatology of Long and Post Covid is no different.

Chronic fatigue is particularly common – medically called chronic fatigue syndrome – but shortness of breath as well as concentration and memory disorders are also common. However, in addition to this, there may be numerous other symptoms.

The technicians have a special digital offer for their insured persons, the Fimo Health app. It is aimed primarily at adult long-Covid sufferers who suffer from fatigue. The app helps to better understand the symptoms and helps to actively counteract a possible chronification of the disease.

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