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What is Lmao Meaning

Lmao is an abbreviation popular among young people. But what do the four letters mean? And what alternatives are there? Find the answers here.

Lmao Meaning
Lmao Meaning
Lmao Meaning
Lmao Meaning

Lmao is the short form of “laughing my ass off” and means “having a good time”. Literally translated, the abbreviation means “laughing your ass off”.

We use the short form mainly on the Internet. Especially in chats, forums, blogs and social media, the four letters appear constantly.

When do I use the lmao abbreviation?
Whenever communication should be fast, the user does himself a favor with the short form. Especially in the comments of funny pictures or videos, the abbreviation usually takes precedence.

The abbreviation is best used by young people. Occasionally it is even transferred to oral speech.

LMAO means “laughing my ass off”, in English also “I laugh my ass off”. It is used when you want to show that you are laughing a lot about something, for example, about a funny message or a meme. If you get a funny video, you could reply with “LMAO” or connect it with a phrase like “That’s hilarious, lmao”.

LMAO is closely related to two other acronyms, LOL and ROFL, which mean “laughing out loud” and “rolling on the floor with laughter”, respectively. Many find ROFL to be more intense and louder than LOL and about as expressive as LMAO.

LMAO is an abbreviation that we encounter on the Internet and mainly in chat rooms or forums. The abbreviation is network jargon and means that you “feel well entertained”.

The individual letters stand for “Laughing my ass off” and literally mean “laughing your ass off”. If we try to find an equivalent for the meaning in German, we would probably go to “sich kaputt lachen” or “Ich lach’ mich tot!“ tend.

We find the abbreviation largely in written form, although “Laughing my ass off” has not yet established itself in oral German usage. The origin of the formulation is largely unclear. However, the abbreviation is widely used on the Internet, so that Google can identify a correspondence of the letter sequence on about 50,000,000 websites.

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