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What is Liv Golf

The LIV Golf Tour is a new tournament series that started in 2022. A total of eight events are scheduled to take place on three continents this year. Three tournaments have already been completed: Bedminster, London and Portland. In Bedminster, Henrik Stenson took the victory and a prize money of $ 4 million. In Portland, Branden Grace won ahead of Carlos Ortiz and Patrick Reed.

What is Liv Golf
What is Liv Golf
Liv Golf
Liv Golf

The first event, held in London, ended with the victory of Charl Schwartzel, who went home with more than $ 4 million. Schwartzel’s Stingers GC team also won the team competition and as a result, the South African was able to look forward to his share of the $ 3 million prize money. A total of $ 4.75 million went into his pocket, an amount that has never been achieved at a golf tournament.

The term cannon launch always seemed a rather fitting one for the LIV Golf Invitational Series, given its financiers. But it was only when Jessie J gave a performance of her hit “Price Tag” during the closing ceremony at the first tournament at the Centurion Club, London, that the (behind) thoughts of all those involved were probably perfectly summed up. “It seems like everyone has their price, I wonder how they sleep at night,” one song line said.

It is a question that must be asked in different versions to every member of the Saudi-backed league, with its appalling human rights record.

Greg Norman explained with great pleasure that “the evolution of golf has arrived”.

But the power plays and the lockdowns of the PGA and DP World Tour make it look more like the beginning of a bitter civil war.

The players themselves like to remind that they are golfers, not politicians. But, nevertheless, they are inevitably involved in the so-called “sportswashing”.

Whether out of greed or need, they have all knowingly accepted huge sums of money. As a result, they are now so blinded by their selfishness that they can no longer see the big picture. Or want to.

This complacent behaviour is now threatening to tear the fabric of professional golf. The future and reputation are now at stake and what happens next could have a huge impact on the players, the tours and – not least – the Ryder Cup.

In the following, we will discuss the key questions that could shape the future of professional golf.

It is not the case that multimillion-dollar entry and prize money in professional golf is something new. The sums that are now being discussed, however, are moving in a completely new dimension.US superstar Tiger Woods is said to have been offered $ 100 million for his participation in the newly created LIV Golf Series. The new tournament format starts today in London and attracts the top stars of the scene with sinfully high funds. Funded by the rulers of Saudi Arabia.

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