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What is Lent

With Ash Wednesday, the forty-day Lent or Passion time (lat. Quadragesima), which, as a pre-Easter penitential period, prepares for the most important feast in Christendom – the feast of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Easter).
This time of penance and repentance is meant to remind us of Jesus’ forty-day fast in the desert before he began his public ministry.

What is Lent
What is Lent

Lent is characterized by renunciation, fasting. On the one hand, this fasting is prescribed by the official fasting order of the Catholic Church, on the other hand, every Christian is called to free himself from things and constraints that interfere with the life of faith or prevent him from important things in life.

On the other hand, the free spaces created by the conscious renunciation should be used for a more intense experience and reflection of one’s own life of faith.

Traditionally, fasting is expressed by abstaining from food. Most often, believers, in particular, refrain from meat and take special lenten dishes. Nowadays, however, it is equally popular to fast very different consumption. In addition to meat, the Internet, social media, smoking or even the smartphone are now also gladly dispensed with.

Various fasting activities and impulses offer everyone the opportunity to practice conscious renunciation during these special six weeks in the church year.

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