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What is Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented soft drink, the production of which is carried out by a tea mushroom. In essence, the kombucha consists of tea, sugar and microorganisms. More precisely, from bacterial and yeast cultures.

What is Kombucha
What is Kombucha

They produce vitamins and organic acids from sugar, which have a beneficial effect on health. The fine sparkling soft drink is characterized by its slightly sour and finely moussing taste.

Already more than 2200 years ago people knew about the magical tea mushroom. The homeland of the kombucha is believed to be in East Asia, Japan or China. According to tradition, emperors and rulers from ancient dynasties were looking for a good recipe for a healthier life. They experimented a lot with the production of fermented foods and recipes from ancient knowledge.

Out came the kombucha. An old story tells about a doctor named Kombu. One day he prepared a tea for the emperor, which was supposed to relieve him of all his ill-health. This is how the kombu-cha, the tea of the kombu, was born. According to other traditions, the name comes from an error.

According to this, a tea made from algae is known in the Asian region, but it has nothing to do with kombucha in the conventional sense. Gradually, the tea mushroom spread further to the West via Russia.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the fermented soft drink became more and more well-known in Western Europe. A little while later, Kombucha could already be purchased in many well-stocked pharmacies.

Unfortunately, the healthy drink quickly fell into oblivion again. On the one hand, human confidence during this time was more focused on the rapidly developing conventional medicine. On the other hand, at the time of the Second World War, the required raw materials, such as tea and sugar, were scarce.

So it became increasingly quiet around the magic mushroom. Meanwhile, he is gradually returning to the consciousness of people. Because nowadays more and more people turn to naturopathy and give it their trust. The newly gained knowledge about sugary soft drinks also leads us to the search for alternatives.

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