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What is intersex

What does being a intersex mean?

Intersex people are classified as people whose gender does not correspond to the medical norm of ‘clearly’ male or female bodies, but moves on a spectrum in between. Either one level of sex, i.e. genitals, chromosomes, hormones or gonads – i.e. testicles or ovaries – is not clear.

What is intersex
What is intersex

For example, a person has a gonadal mixed tissue. Or different levels of sex do not coincide with each other, so, for example, a person has both a vagina and internal testicles. Intersexuality in its various forms is a consequence of the fact that embryos have the same sexual systems, which then differentiate in the male or female direction. In most people, the body develops clearly in one direction, that is, with a set of XY chromosomes, testicles, a penis and more testosterone than estrogen as hormones or XX chromosomes, a vulva and a vagina, ovaries, a uterus and less testosterone. For intersex people, however, this development is not so straightforward. There are over 4000 variants of possible gender developments of people. But our society knows only two – men and women.
In medicine, intersexuality is known as DSD – Disorders of Sex Development. Intersex people usually reject this term because they do not feel ‘disturbed’. Sometimes the abbreviation DSD is also used for ‘Differences of Sex Development’. This is already more accepted by intersex people as a term. In German, there are also the terms ‘intersex’ or ‘intersex’.

“What is it, then?“
… one of the most frequently asked questions about the birth of a child, which in some cases, however, can not be answered so easily with “girl” or “boy”: 1-2 out of 1000 children are born with variations of sexual characteristics!
Each child is born with its own, individual gender – and some are born with a clearly “intersex” one, i.e. they are not clearly attributable to the male or female standard gender, have proportions of both standard genders, somehow do not quite fit into our idea of these two poles – and bring our “worldview” to a waver.

An intersex child is usually not a medical emergency! It just doesn’t fit into our rigid two-gender thinking. And: it deeply unsettles parents! Until then, they had probably never heard anything about intersexuality or intersex – a topic that is still extremely taboo in our society.

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