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What is Intermittent Fasting

Regular meals and about 2.5- 4 hours break between meals – these are our recommendations in our original Bootcamp nutrition concept. We have proven in our own study that our concept works and can significantly reduce the body fat percentage and supported it with our success stories from the camps and the bootcamp trips. But what is it called so beautiful- many roads lead to Rome? And many paths also lead to weight loss success!

What is Intermittent Fasting
What is Intermittent Fasting
Intermittent Fasting
Intermittent Fasting

intermittent fasting you will find your right way

And even if we are enthusiastic about our concept, we do not want to deprive our readers of other interesting nutritional concepts, inform about them and encourage them to think! Because even if there are studies that prove the success of regular meals, there are just as many studies that support a different way. So everyone has to find out for himself what is suitable for him and e.g. leads to the desired weight loss.

In our article about detox cures you will find information about and methods of fasting cures, as well as benefits and possible risks. And usually a fast only refers to a very short period of time in the year, in which you change your nutritional behavior according to the respective fasting plan. You can also find out more about this in our article about the best diet. However, there is a very special variant of fasting, which can be made a daily companion of life in order to achieve long-term success: it is called intermittent fasting or intermittent fasting.

At the latest when the colleague spills the birthday cake in the morning at the office, you know that she has caught it too: the intermittent fasting. The eating habits are changed in such a way that a period of fasting is followed by a few hours or days of eating. That is, it is eaten at set intervals. If you feel tired or lack energy during intermittent fasting, we recommend that you drink enough. Grab our Sparkling Aminos and ensure you the optimal energy kick without breaking your fasting period.

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