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What is inertia

Inertia is the resistance of a body, which it opposes to a movement impulse coming from the outside. It thus describes the force that allows the body to maintain its state of rest or movement. The law of inertia is defined in Newton’s 1st axiom (inertial law).

What is inertia
What is inertia

2 Physical basics
The cause of inertia is the sluggish mass. In the case of bodies of the same material, the inertia increases with their volume.

The inertial law forms a basis of classical mechanics and states that all bodies remain in their state of motion as long as no external force acts on them. Thus, when external forces are absent, a body at rest remains at rest, while a body in motion that does not experience friction would remain in uniform motion. All uniform systems in which the basis of inertia is considered are called inertial systems.

One could also say: a body does not change its state of motion if the sum of the forces acting on it is zero.
It can also be formulated in reverse: a body changes its state of motion if the sum of the forces acting on it is not equal to zero. He is then either accelerated, decelerated, or changes the direction of his movement.

This law was discovered by ISAAC NEWTON (1643-1727). It is also called the 1st Newtonian law or the 1st Newtonian axiom. The law of inertia can be understood as a special case of Newton’s fundamental law. If the force F = 0 is set in the equation F=m⋅a, then a = 0 is obtained for any mass. This is exactly the statement of the law of inertia.

The property of bodies to maintain their state of motion without the action of force, i.e. to remain in uniform rectilinear motion or at rest, is called inertia in physics. Hence the name “law of inertia” for the connection found by NEWTON.

Inertia is noticeable when accelerating or decelerating bodies. You can find out for yourself when you are on a bus. When starting the bus (picture 2), you fall backwards due to inertia, if you do not hold on. The body tries to maintain its original state of movement.

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