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What is Hemp

The plant hemp, also called cannabis, is one of the most developed plant families on Earth. Hemp is assigned to the plant family of the Cannabaceae, which, in addition to hemp, also includes hops. He, like the hops, is a dioecious plant, i.e. he has male or female reproductive organs. Of course, there are also two-sexed plant sticks, so-called hermaphrodites. The roots of this annual plant can protrude into the ground up to 2 meters deep. It uses the sun more efficiently than any other plant species and can reach a height of 1.5 meters to 7 meters in the short growth period of one year.

What is Hemp
What is Hemp

Fiber hemp or industrial hemp bears the Latin name Cannabis sativa: this type of hemp has a growth period of one year and it can grow up to 7 meters high. Cannabis sativa has a pronounced fiber formation, but only a small amount of resin. The name “sativa” means “useful”, that is, “useful hemp”.

What you should know about hemp

HEMP (Cannabis sativa) is as versatile as hardly any other plant. Hemp provides clothing and food, oil and energy, paper and building materials. The hemp plant does not require any pesticides and yet produces three times as much fiber as a cotton field, four times as much paper as a forest.

What is hemp and what is it used for?
Hemp is also known as cannabis and belongs to the hemp family. Hemp is one of the oldest useful and ornamental plants in the world. Hemp, for example, is very popular because of the problem-free breeding and the fact that it is a renewable raw material. Hemp is also referred to as other products from the hemp plant, especially the hemp fiber. The so-called industrial hemp or fiber hemp is also called cannabis Sativa (useful hemp) and has a pronounced fiber formation.

What is hemp used for and what properties does it possess?

Hemp has many positive properties and can also be used and used in many ways as a natural product. Among other things, hemp is very healthy. In hemp nuts, for example, you will find antioxidants, vitamin E and B vitamins, even more vitamin B2 than in animal products. The amino acids present also contribute a large part to the detoxification of the body and to the metabolism. The hemp seeds contain fatty acids, which can break down stored fat very quickly. In addition, hemp seeds are also used for animal feed and are used in many ways in the cosmetics industry. Hemp protein is also in great demand, because it contains a lot of protein. The hemp protein is often found in juices, water or even in smoothies or bread recipes. Especially as a medicinal plant, hemp is used to cure various diseases such as cancer, AIDS or MS.

What does hemp do to the human body?
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