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What is .heic

If you discover a HEIC file on your iPhone, you may not know what kind of file it is. So much in advance: this is an image format.

What is heic
What is heic

What is a HEIC file
The abbreviation is also known as HEIF and stands for High Efficiency Image Format.

It is an image format for saving space by saving images on mobile devices.
iOS devices store images in HEIC files, on Android devices, as a rule, you can find HEIF images.
The advantage of this image format is a small file size with JPEG quality or even better quality.

How to convert HEIC files
Converting a HEIC file to a JPEG is quite simple.

If you have iOS 11 or later installed, the photos will be automatically converted to JPEG format when transferring to a PC or Mac if you make the appropriate setting.
These can be found in the settings on your iOS device. Navigate to “Photos” here.
Scroll all the way down to “Transfer to Mac or PC”. Check the box for “Automatic”.
Alternatively, you can also convert an HEIC file to a JPEG online, for example if you have received an image in this format.
For example, you can find a corresponding converter on the page convercio.co .
Also the websites heic.online and apowersoft.com offer such a service. You can convert a HEIC file here not only to JPEG format, but also optionally to PNG or BMP.

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