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What is Hashing

Hash functions play an important role in IT security – especially when it comes to storing passwords. This is what you should know about the topic.

What is Hashing
What is Hashing

Definition of Hashing
Hashing is a cryptographic process that can be used to validate the authenticity and integrity of various data types. Hash functions are mainly used in authentication systems – here they offer the advantage that no passwords have to be stored in plaintext format. If hash functions are used incorrectly, serious data leaks can result. The only thing worse is when hashing is not used at all.

In the context of data structures and their efficient management, there is no way around the term hashing. But what exactly is hashing? The topic is very comprehensive and can become very complex. Everyone should know some basic terms such as hash function, hash value or key universe in times of digitization. If you master these terms, you also have a basic understanding of this data structure. In this article you will get basic knowledge about hashing and then know the most important terms and characteristics. In this article, we deviate slightly from the topic of IT security, as an exception, because we would like to offer one of our working students a platform with our IT Security Blog.

Why do you need hashing?
Consider the following initial situation: You have a set of data objects that are identified using a key. You want to transfer these data objects into a data structure so that you can then efficiently perform the three important operations “Insert”, “Search” and “Delete”. The problem lies in the size of the key universe, which contains much more elements than there are data objects. An example would be that your key universe consists of the numbers 0 to 1,000,000, but you only need to manage 10,000 data objects. This means that your key universe is 100 times larger than the amount of data objects, which leads to some problems, as you will see in a moment.

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