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What is Good Friday

On the Friday immediately before Easter, Christians commemorate the suffering and death of Jesus on the cross, with which he voluntarily took upon himself the sins of the world. Good Friday is one of the highest holidays for Catholic and Evangelical Christians.

What is Good Friday
What is Good Friday
Good Friday
Good Friday

The name Good Friday is derived from the Old High German “chara” or “kara”, which means “mourning” and “lamentation”. Good Friday belongs to the “Triduum Sacrum” (Holy Three Days). The holy three days begin with the celebration of the Last Supper on Holy Thursday and extend over Good Friday and Holy Saturday until Vespers on Easter Sunday. Good Friday is also the highlight of the pre-Easter Lent.

In Germany, Good Friday is a public and at the same time a silent holiday. In order to underline the special character of this holiday, public events such as markets and entertainment events are prohibited on Good Friday, and the ban on dancing also applies.

No meat, but fish and the church bells remain silent. Why Good Friday is one of the highest holidays in Christianity. Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ (Mk 15:21-41). According to the biblical tradition, his disciple Judas betrayed him on the night from Holy Thursday to Good Friday.

Christians believe that Jesus, with his sacrifice on the cross, took upon himself the sin and guilt of all people. That is why the day is one of the highest holidays in the church year.

Focus on grief and silence
The “kar” in Good Friday comes from the Old High German term “Kara” and means sorrow or grief. In many congregations, neither church bells nor organ music are heard at the services on this day. Sometimes the altar is covered in black and the cross is veiled. Good Friday and Holy Saturday are days of death and mourning, therefore the liturgical color of the two days is black.

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