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What is Global Warming

It is getting warmer and warmer on Earth. In the last hundred years alone, the average temperature has risen by almost one degree Celsius. The main reason for this warming is the increased proportion of carbon dioxide in the air. This increase in CO2 is mainly caused by industrialised countries burning oil, gas and coal.

What is Global Warming
What is Global Warming
Global Warming
Global Warming

If you measure the temperature on our Earth (our globe) with a lot of thermometers in many places, you get an average of about 15 degrees. These measurements have been taking place for many years. The scientists have found that the surface of the Earth is slowly but surely warming up. By the year 2100, a further average warming of at least 1.8 to a maximum of 4.0 degrees is predicted. According to most experts, this unnatural heating is caused by us humans: more and more pollutants are being blown into the air by cars, heaters and power plants. These pollutants (especially carbon dioxide) are produced by the combustion of gasoline, oil, gas and other substances. Thus, the so-called greenhouse effect worsens. Like the glass in a greenhouse, gases in high air layers prevent too much heat from being released from the Earth into the ice-cold space. Actually, it is important for us on Earth that not all heat escapes into space, because otherwise the temperature on Earth would be constantly minus 33 degrees. But: Some heat must be able to radiate, so that the temperature here is bearable for people. But because the greenhouse gases have become more and more impermeable due to the pollutants, not enough heat can escape, and therefore it is getting warmer and warmer on Earth.

Computers have calculated the catastrophic consequences of this change. The glaciers will melt more than before, the icy polar caps of the Earth will also gradually disappear. This will lead to a rise in sea level by one meter and large coastal areas in the world will be flooded. There will be severe climate changes that will have a serious impact on people’s health and agriculture.

Science and Politics
Scientists and politicians in many countries want to do something about it very quickly. That is why a number of states have committed themselves – and this has been written down in treaties on climate protection – to ensure through laws that fewer pollutants get into the air. For the sake of completeness, it must be said that research on the exact causes of global warming is going on and on. In science, there are a number of different opinions about this. However, almost all scientists are convinced that we humans bear the main blame for the development.

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