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What is Gelatin made of

Gelatin is a protein in which the amino acids are linked like a chain. The protein contains almost all the amino acids indispensable for the human organism. Therefore, in many countries it is classified as food, and not as an additive.

What is Gelatin made of
What is Gelatin made of
Gelatin made of
Gelatin made of

The main component of gelatin is collagen, which is found, for example, in skin, rind, bone or connective tissue. This comes from various animal species such as pork and beef for the production of gelatin. In order to comply with Jewish and Islamic dietary laws, “kosher” and “halal” gelatin, respectively, is made from fish skins. In 1999, as a result of the BSE disease, the EU Commission established guidelines for the production of gelatin.

In the animal and human organism, collagen is the most abundant protein and is responsible for the stability of our body and its organs.

Collagen itself is not a uniform substance, because 15 different forms are known. They all have one thing in common: three amino acid chains are wound around each other like a rigid rope (triplehelix) and ensure strength.

In short, gelatin consists of the connective tissue of various animal species, or rather, of the structural protein collagen contained in the connective tissue. Most often, collagen is found in the skin, tendons, cartilages and bones of living beings. In principle, gelatin can therefore also be obtained more or less from all animals. Organic tissue, which is firm and elastic at the same time, usually has a high collagen content and is best suited for the production of gelatin. However, the collagen-containing slaughter waste from pigs and cattle is most often used, as an alternative, the gelling agent is also produced from poultry and fish. In Europe, about 80 percent of edible gelatin is produced from pork rinds.

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