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What is Euphoria

Surely one or the other still remembers this feeling when he held his graduation certificate in his hand. For many it will have been pure euphoria: finally done! The efforts of the past months and years have been rewarded. Now a new step begins. Whenever a hurdle has been successfully overcome, whenever we are looking forward to something full of anticipation, euphoria flows through the body and releases unimagined energies. Wouldn’t it be great to preserve this feeling? What euphoria means and whether you can become more euphoric…

What is Euphoria
What is Euphoria

The term euphoria (English: euphoria) is derived from the Greek euphoria for fertility or productivity or euphoros for healthy. Euphoria is a particularly strong feeling of elation that can occur in the short term. Anyone who is euphoric is in a state of great well-being, is happy, confident, satisfied with himself and the situation and enjoys an immense joie de vivre for the duration of the euphoria.

The euphoria is accompanied by exuberance, lower inhibitions, a part of almost uncontrollable joy and the feeling of being able to do everything. The downside: Euphoria is usually only a short phase, sometimes hardly more than a moment, before the euphoric elation can subside again.

For example, synonyms for euphoria are:

Emotional overload
Feeling of happiness
High spirits
Euphoria is often associated with a form of tumbling, which suggests that the senses of the one who is euphoric are completely clouded. This intoxicating state triggers a feeling of happiness similar to drugs. However, this also leads to the fact that the person is not fully master of his senses.

By the way, there is also the opposite euphoria: the dysphoria. Typical for dysphoria is an irritable mood. Anyone who is dysphoric walks around the area in a sullen and bad mood.

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