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What is Escrow

Escrow is widespread and by no means new. In addition to classic business fields, the term is now also used in many technological fields of application. We explain what it is about.

What is Escrow
What is Escrow

The security of transactions is a particularly important issue on the Internet. The meaning of escrow is therefore only logical. This is a kind of security mechanism in which a third party is supposed to ensure transaction processing between two parties.
This corresponds to the fiduciary principle – it is not without reason that the two terms are often used interchangeably. The comparison with a notary is also common.
The term has existed for many years and is used in the real estate or financial industry, for example.
In addition, escrow is also used in state-of-the-art areas, such as the Darknet, although often for illegal business. For example, a customer can buy prohibited items from a dealer; escrow service ensures that the seller must first ship the goods before receiving the payment. In this way, fraud attempts are not completely excluded, but the risk is greatly minimized.
Another, but completely legal example, is software escrow. For example, a documentation or source code is stored with a neutral third party.

What is an Escrow?
An escrow account is an account that is comparable to a legal agreement in the crypto space, in which a third party temporarily holds assets until a certain condition is met (e.g. the fulfillment of a purchase contract).

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