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What is Easter

Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday are the most important holidays in the church year. But how do you celebrate Easter as a Christian? And what do Jesus Christ and the Church have to do with Easter bunnies, Easter eggs and Easter bonfires?

What is Easter
What is Easter

Easter is of great importance for Christians. In addition to the religious festival, non-Christian Easter customs, which were added later, have also found a firm place in Germany. On this page you will find information about the origin and the meaning of Easter for Christians, but also information about Easter bunnies, Easter eggs or Easter bonfires.

Why do we celebrate Easter?
Easter is the resurrection of Jesus Christ and thus the highest Christian festivity of the year.

When do we celebrate Easter?
Easter always falls on the Sunday after the first spring full moon. As a result, Easter is a movable feast day of the Easter festival circle and thus takes place at the earliest on March 22 and at the latest on April 25.

With the Easter festival, the actual Easter time begins. The Easter period ends with the feast of Pentecost, which, like the Ascension of Christ, depends on the date of Easter and therefore also belongs to the movable holidays. The Easter period lasts exactly 50 days each year.

If you look at the Christian festivals throughout the year, you may think that Christmas is the most important festival of Christians. But it overlooks the importance of Easter. In fact, Easter is considered the highest festival in Christendom. Easter, which is always celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the beginning of spring, conveys important messages not only to adults.

Easter also encourages children to believe in the good in dark times. When children say “What is Easter?” if you ask, parents can illustrate the meaning of Easter to you with an exciting story.

The festival has its origins in the pagan spring festival Ostara and the Jewish Pascha festival. In the period before Easter from Ash Wednesday in Christianity is Lent. Holy Week from Palm Sunday to Holy Saturday is the last week of Lent and the last week before Easter. After Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday is celebrated as Easter. Christians celebrate the risen Jesus Christ.

Sometimes we celebrate Easter in March, sometimes in April. Why, actually? The church established in the 4th century that Easter falls on a certain Sunday, namely the first Sunday after the first full moon after the beginning of spring. March 22 is the earliest date and April 25 is the latest. Since the Ascension of Christ and Pentecost depend on the date of Easter, they also belong to the movable holidays. The Easter period lasts until Pentecost.

Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter. It is with him that the Holy Week begins. The New Testament reports that on this day Jesus Christ entered Jerusalem on a donkey. The population, seeing in him the expected Messiah (anointed one), greeted him cheerfully and laid clothes, palm and olive branches on the street, in a sense, as a “red carpet” for Jesus.

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