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What is Delta 8 thc

Delta-8-THC, which is analogous to Delta-9-THC, is almost the same, as a counterpart. The difference lies in their molecular structure. Delta-9-THC is easily oxidized and forms cannabinol, a biologically inactive cannabinoid, while delta-8-THC is stable.

What is Delta 8 thc
What is Delta 8 thc
Delta 8 thc
Delta 8 thc

The cannabinoid delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol is a molecule that is very similar to the well-known THC (delta-9) and also has a psychoactive effect. In the brain, it responds to the same receptor as delta-9-THC, but reportedly has a significantly less psychoactive effect than the classic THC variant.

Especially in the USA there is now quite a big hype about Delta-8, which leads to the marketing of many different Delta-8 products. In the EU, the substance is still almost unknown, but in countries where THC is already legal, delta-8 is already a popular alternative product to THC.

However, since delta-8-THC only occurs in very small amounts in the cannabis plant, manufacturers have found a way to produce the cannabinoid from CBD (so-called decarboxylation). This fact makes it legal in the USA, for example, because it is a processing product of CBD, which in turn is classified as legal.

Getting acquainted with CBD products usually means learning more about their composition. Of course, this is not mandatory, but in order to know everything about the properties and benefits of CBD products, it is advantageous to take a closer look.

As you probably already know, the THC content (tetrahydrocannabinol) in CBD products in Germany must be less than 0.2%. This means that THC is contained in every CBD product, even if only in very small quantities. Nevertheless, this very low presence plays an essential or even the decisive role for the effect that you feel when you consume your CBD product.

Interestingly, THC actually consists of many different molecules. You are responsible when it comes to highlighting the specifics of your CBD product. CBD products differ from each other not only by their taste and aroma, but also by their properties that act on the body. In this article, we invite you to learn more about the THC molecules Delta 8, 9 and 10.

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