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What is Data Roaming

Quite simply: this is paid Internet use abroad. And this is becoming more and more in demand, because even on vacation or business trips abroad, many users no longer want to do without the advantages of permanent Internet access.

What is Data Roaming
What is Data Roaming
Data Roaming
Data Roaming

What do I need to know about data roaming?
1. Turn off roaming function when not in use

When surfing abroad, the cost of roaming quickly reaches dizzying heights. But also unnoticed, fees often arise here. If you do not need mobile Internet access, it is best to switch off this function directly on the smartphone or have it deactivated by the tariff provider. So it does not come unnoticed to expensive downloads.

2. Use free Wi-Fi as much as possible

Even for stays abroad, free Wi-Fi is always the best choice. This is often found in hotels, but also in caf├ęs and public institutions.

3. Inform about costs

The cost is not the same in all countries. In EU countries, since 2010, there has been a consumer-friendly unification of prices, which continues to decrease. It is currently even under discussion that no roaming costs should be incurred within the EU at all.

4. Limit costs

If you surf the Internet while traveling with your mobile phone or notebook, you can initially rely on EU requirements. The EU protects against excessive costs with the user-friendly roaming regulation. Nevertheless, one should think about whether a cheaper EU tariff or an option in addition to the existing mobile phone tariff would be cheaper than billing according to consumption for frequent trips to EU countries.

Turning off the mobile Internet abroad is especially important outside the EU or, more precisely, the EEA. While the costs of data roaming within the EU have now been abolished, providers outside the European Community are charging a lot of money for the Internet on their mobile phones. For example, if you go online automatically via data roaming at the airport, you will directly charge the holiday fund.

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What happens if I turn off data roaming?
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