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What is Culture

When it comes to culture, many people first think of art, painting, music or something similar. Of course, these are also aspects of culture, ultimately but make only a small excerpt of the complex cultural reality.

What is Culture
What is Culture

There are many definitions of cultural – sociological, anthropological, philosophical …
We have compiled a selection of definitions for you, which are particularly relevant for intercultural communication…

Culture is the result of human actions and at the same time directly affects human actions. Thus, a situation or action can be interpreted differently by two people with different cultural backgrounds due to the influence of culture.

In order to become aware of this different interpretation, however, it is first necessary to understand what a “culture” is. Therefore, the following work presents the relevant theoretical foundations of the concept of culture.

What is your definition of culture?
What is culture and examples?
What is culture give short answer?
What is the best definition of cultural?

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