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What is Crossfit

Don’t worry, we’ll tell you… or rather: CrossFitters will tell you 😉

The first rule of CrossFit is that you never stop talking about CrossFit. And while this seems to promote certainty about what CrossFit actually is, there are many myths and generalizations that need to be clarified about the training program.

What is Crossfit
What is Crossfit

To help you decipher the complicated meaning of the unique language of CrossFit, belonging to the Paleo diet, compression stockings and strong sounds, we talked with a variety of CrossFit experts and coaches to finally answer the question:

What the hell is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a competitive training program
What is CrossFit? The official definition of CrossFit is: “constantly varying functional movements with high intensity.“

So, what does this mean exactly?

According to Alyssa Ages, certified personal trainer, CrossFitter and founder of BeFit Marketing, the training itself consists of “a set of different functional fitness exercises that are performed quickly, in a certain period of time and in a certain format”.

CrossFit was developed in 1980 by Greg Glassman and his wife Lauren. The goal is to perform constantly varying functional / natural movements with a high intensity. With CrossFit you not only train one-dimensionally and isolated individual muscle groups, but also challenge and promote your whole body. CrossFit trains complex movements and is therefore multi-jointed. This allows you to move your body or objects in a natural way effectively and efficiently.

The big pillars of CrossFit are as a basis a healthy diet, cardio exercises (running, running, swimming…), Gymnastic and gymnastic exercises (squats, pull-ups, push-ups…), as well as exercises from Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting (transposition and pushing, tearing, deadlift…). The aim is to teach the trainee functional movements (movements from our everyday life), to consolidate them and to make them more efficient in all areas and disciplines.

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