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What is Creatine for

Creatine can lead to faster muscle building and an increase in maximum strength. Creatine accumulation in the muscle delays fatigue during short-term and intensive loads. As a result, higher training intensities are possible. The more trained you are, the lower the muscle gain. Creatine seems to reduce muscle damage and promote recovery after intense exercise. Whether creatine can support endurance is unclear.

What is Creatine for
What is Creatine for
Creatine for
Creatine for

An increased creatine level in the blood should promote muscle building – the power substance is correspondingly popular among strength athletes. Studies also suggest that creatine improves brain performance. FITBOOK has interviewed experts on the benefits, dosage and possible side effects of the miracle cure.

In recent years, creatine has become firmly established in strength and high-speed strength sports – even far from the bodybuilder scene. The substance is easily accessible, very cheap in powder or capsule form and can be purchased from countless suppliers, and should have a noticeable performance-enhancing effect. But what is behind the mysterious drug, which, despite its doping-like properties, is allowed to be taken even at competitive stages?

Creatine (sometimes also “creatine”) is needed for various processes of energy metabolism. Part of the daily requirement can be produced by the body itself, the rest is absorbed through food. The substance is found slightly in isolated plant foods, but in larger quantities in animal products. Pork and beef provide about five grams per kilogram, salmon and tuna about four, and milk still provides about two grams of creatine per liter, but a large part of it is to be lost through the cooking process.

In higher doses and optimally usable by the body, creatine can be obtained from dietary supplements. A small dosing spoon of the powder (equivalent to about three grams) is stirred in water or juice and drunk before or after training. One capsule comes (depending on the provider) to about one gram, of which you take several accordingly.

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