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What is Considered a Fever

Fever – the most important thing at a glance
Definition: A fever is a body temperature above 38.2 °C*. In many cases, there is already talk of fever from 38 ° C. If the fever persists for more than three weeks, but the cause remains undetected, it is a fever of unclear origin.

(*measured rectally (in the butt))

Body temperature values for orientation*

What is Considered a Fever
What is Considered a Fever
Considered a Fever
Considered a Fever

Normal: 36.5 °C to 37.4 °C (Children: 36.5 °C to 37.5 °C)
Increased: 37.5 °C to 38.1 °C (children: 37.6 °C to 38.4 °C)
Fever: above 38.2 °C (children: from 38.5 °C; infants < three months: from 38 °C)
High fever: from 39 °C
Extremely high fever (hyperpyrexia): above 40 °C
When to go to the doctor? For infants up to three months, the following applies: For safety reasons, consult a pediatrician at a body temperature of 38 °C or higher. A toddler under the age of two should be taken by parents to the doctor if he has a fever for more than a day.

Older children and adults should be examined and treated by a doctor in case of fever from 39 °C or fever that lasts more than two days or occurs repeatedly. How urgent the visit to the doctor is always depends on the individual case, on the complaints and how one feels overall.

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