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What is Community

What do you mean by community?

What is a community, what is a family? Where does a clan begin and where does it end? And what was it all about the tribe? What is the function of the tribe or clan in the construction of community?


Let’s start with the holy and praised word: family (Latin familia “household community”) – sociologically refers to a community of life based on partnership, marriage, civil partnership, adoption or descent – quoted from Wikipedia.

As we can see, the family is already above all a decision. Only in the last consequence does the descent count as an attribute of belonging to a construction of this name. And above all, it is a matter of being together in “one house”. We still remember: familia = house community. Correctly, therefore, our relatives who do not live with us in a house community are not our family either. The same blood is probably too little to form lasting similarities.

Today, the sacred concept of the family is often understood to mean, above all, the small family. In practice, however, this shows itself, directly after single parenting, as the next most problematic social construction with the highest potential for assigning blame. Today we hardly know a small family that has not been broken up…

What is Community
What is Community

Politically, the small family has been supported since the 1950s, similar to the Nazi era. Why only? Is this construction perhaps the most easily controllable and easy to manipulate? In some places it is claimed that the high degree of frustration immensely promotes consumer behavior as a deliberate form of compensation. In any case, the promotion of the small family is not entirely comprehensible with common sense.

So what is a proper community? In sociology and ethnology, it refers to a manageable social group whose members are closely connected to each other, often over generations, by a strong “we-feeling”. The community is regarded as the original form of coexistence and as a basic element of society – as well as of primitive society. At least that’s what Wikipedia says. You have to let that melt on your tongue once:

So, community has always been the basic element of human society. Have we forgotten about that!?

So what are the long-forgotten constructions of human communities that seem to have been lost in the turmoil of the world wars? Is that maybe:

The clan (Scottish: clann “Kinder”) was originally a larger family group in Scotland, which inhabited a delimited area and traced their origin to a common ancestor.

The Sippe (Old High German: sippia, probably etymologically identical with the name of the goddess Sif) refers to a related group of people, an extended family with a common origin and (especially in pre-state societies) with religious, economic and political function.

What are community examples?

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