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What is CNC

The abbreviation CNC comes from English and stands for “Computerized Numerical Control”. CNC refers to the control of a machine tool using a computer. CNC technology developed from NC technology, in which machine tools were operated via punched cards in the 1960s. Thanks to CNC, CNC workpieces could then be machined automatically from the mid-1970s and several axes could be controlled quickly, accurately and simultaneously. In this way, CNC technology not only made the production of workpieces much more efficient, but also more precise.

What is CNC
What is CNC

In a nutshell:

Control of a machine via the computer
Automated machining of workpieces

CNC milling is a high-precision machining process based on “computerized numerical control”, i.e. computer-aided machine control. The CNC milling process is taken over by a microcomputer, which is integrated in the control part of the machine tool. The efficient process is excellently suited for the production of parts in both small and large quantities. In many industries, such as the automotive or aerospace industry, as well as in mechanical engineering, CNC milling is therefore considered a popular machining process. The technology has been in existence since the mid-1970s and further development is constantly progressing. In contrast to CNC turning, CNC milling does not move the workpiece, but the tool. Before the milling process can be started, a program is first created. This is based on the geometric representation of the workpiece to be manufactured. Now this information is transmitted to the control memory, whereupon the CNC milling machine processes the individual program steps exactly. Numerous factors are included in the programming, including which tools are used and when. This is exactly where CNC milling can make full use of its advantages, because today’s modern systems are capable of clamping any tool quickly and precisely and determining its position exactly. In this way, almost any material can be milled on five axes.

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