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What is Cirrhosis

The liver performs many important functions in the body, for example in detoxification. Different diseases can cause chronic inflammation of the liver. If this is detected and treated early, serious liver damage can be prevented.

What is Cirrhosis
What is Cirrhosis

As a result of the inflammation, the liver tissue is scarred and converted into connective tissue. This can not take over the tasks of the liver. Doctors then talk about cirrhosis of the liver.

Cirrhosis of the liver can develop undetected for a long time, since at the beginning of the disease there are often no or only general complaints such as fatigue, reduced performance or nausea and digestive problems. Often sufferers feel pressure or pain under the right costal arch.

If the disease is advanced, specific symptoms may occur. Sufferers often have the following complaints:

They have yellowish discolored skin, mucous membranes and eyes. Doctors then speak of jaundice or jaundice.
You have a fluid accumulation in the abdomen, which can be manifested by a greatly increased abdominal circumference and pain or a feeling of pressure.
Your hormone levels are changing. Men often have problems with erection, in women menstruation is often irregular.
They have so-called liver skin signs, for example, visible, star-shaped vascular branches (called liver stars), reddened palms, as well as itchy, thin and dry skin.
Cirrhosis of the liver often leads to malnutrition and muscle breakdown. The body needs more energy due to the disease, but food can be poorly utilized. Usually, the sugar metabolism is also disturbed, which can provoke diabetes mellitus.

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