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What is Cet Time

Central European Time (CET) is the zone time referring to the 15th longitude east, which is used as a legally valid time in all (central) European countries covered by this time zone and also in the Benelux countries, France and Spain> during the winter half of the year and throughout the year in parts of Africa. It corresponds to the mean solar time at longitude 15° east. The difference between Central European time and UTC is +1 hour, which is expressed in the abbreviation UTC+1 with +1.

What is Cet Time
What is Cet Time
Cet Time
Cet Time

In more recent reports, Central European time is also referred to as Central European normal time or Central European winter time.

The difference in Central European summer time (CEST, ENGL. CEST), which replaces the CET during the summer half-year in Europe, at UTC is +2 hours. The CEST therefore has the short designation UTC+ 2 and corresponds to the mean solar time at the longitude 30 ° east.

Abbreviation Central European Time. It is one hour after world time, UTC. The CET is valid in Germany in winter, the CEST in summer.

English. Abbreviation. Universal Time Coordinated. Coordinated universal time. The times of all countries refer to this time. Corresponds to GMT.
UTC runs continuously and has no change between summer and winter time. In Germany, the CET or CEST applies.

obsolete. English. Abbreviation. Greenwich Mean Time. Has been replaced by UTC.

Abbreviation. Central European summer time. Is two hours after coordinated Universal time, UTC.
Daylight saving time begins on the last Sunday of March and ends on the last Sunday of October.
The CEST was introduced in 1978. Im Ggs. for this purpose, the CET in Germany applies in winter and is one hour after UTC.

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