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What is Calamari

Calamari is on the menu in many Spanish restaurants. Read here “What are calamari” and how to prepare them. Spain has more than 60 islands and a coastline of more than 8,000 kilometers (almost 5,000 miles).

What is Calamari
What is Calamari

So it is not surprising that Spanish cuisine offers a lot of delicious dishes with seafood. Calamari is the Italian name for squid. Squids are marine mollusks that have eight arms and two elongated tentacles. They resemble an octopus, but are more elongated and can often change color.

Many restaurants refer to fried or baked squid as calamari to give it more appeal, but the names can be used interchangeably. Most people prefer the rings that represent the body of the squid, but you can also eat the tentacles.

At the beginning, a short excursion into biology and in particular into a sub-area, the taxonomy, helps. With their help, living beings are divided into a hierarchical system, which includes such categories as species, genus or family. Relatively high up in this order system is the trunk.
Squids and Co. are assigned to the tribe of mollusks. This tribe is quite large, and in addition to the multi-armed aquatic creatures, snails and bivalves, among other things, are also assigned to it. Now the similarities between an octopus, an oyster and a vineyard snail are limited, so they are sorted into different classes. The oyster belongs to the class of bivalves, the vineyard snail belongs to the class of snails, and the octopus belongs to the class of cephalopods.

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