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What is an Integer

The integers include the natural numbers, the zero and the negative numbers. For example, these are 13, 0 and -4. They must always be “whole”: numbers with a comma and decimal places — such as 1.5 — are therefore not included.

What is an Integer
What is an Integer

What integers are (and what are not) and how to calculate them, you will learn here. This is what we are looking at:

An explanation of what integers are.
Many examples of how to deal with integers.
Tasks / exercises so that you can practice this number type yourself.
A video on this topic.
A question and answer section on integers.
Let’s take a look at what integers are. Part of the whole number are the natural numbers. If you want to learn something about these, you can also take a look at the natural numbers first.

What is an example of a integer?
What is meant by integers in maths?
Can a negative number be an integer?
Is 0 an integer yes or no?

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