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What is a VPN

VPN means Virtual Private Network (from the English “Virtual Private Network”). A VPN connection provides the ability to access an existing network from the outside. This can be a company or a private network.

What is a VPN
What is a VPN

Why do I need VPN connections?

A VPN has many uses. It is used by business travellers, for communication between company locations but also by private individuals (keyword: country blocks or geo-blocking). But why actually?

Let’s take the example of the business traveler. He is regularly on the road and would like to quickly check his e-mails and process a document at the airport, on the way to the next appointment. To do this, he logs into the airport’s open Wi-Fi, which is regularly unencrypted. Unencrypted means that it is relatively easy even for laymen to read the data traffic that runs over the WLAN. A freely accessible software or mobile app is sufficient for this. This creates the risk that sensitive business data, as well as customer and employee data, will be accessed. In addition to the loss of data, there is a risk of image damage and fines from the supervisory authorities.

A suitable VPN application ensures that the data can no longer be read by unauthorized persons. In addition, it allows access to drives that are located on the company’s own server and should only be available within the corporate network. Without a VPN, even centrally stored documents cannot be edited.

What is VPN and why do I need it?
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