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What is a Simp

If you stumble across the term Simp on social media platforms, the question quickly arises as to what it actually is. In fact, the term Simp is not exactly new, in any case significantly older than social media. The basic message is also basically the same as hundreds of years ago.

What is a Simp
What is a Simp

Simp is probably the abbreviation of Simpleton and this term can be traced back several centuries. Linguists last discovered the term around 1630. But no matter whether in the Middle Ages on the marketplace or today in the social networks: it has never been a particularly positive award to be called Simpleton or Simp.

Simpleton stands for a rather simple-minded person, in short for someone who has not exactly leased the wisdom for himself. According to Merriam Webster, the use of the abbreviation Simp can be dated to the year 1903.
First of all, Simp stands for the same as Simpleton, that is, for a person who is not too intelligent. Merriam Webster uses the example of Forrest Gump to define the Simp as a person with an IQ of 75.

In the course of the next decades, the Simp still remained a “depp” – sometimes with a rather negative connotation – but in various circles, such as in the rap scene, this was then particularly related to the treatment of women. In this context, a simp was therefore a man who cannot assert himself and must therefore subordinate himself to women. So much for the history of the Simps.

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