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What is a Republic

The republic is a form of state. The word republic comes from the Latin language. It means ‘community’.

A republic is the opposite of an internal link:monarchy. Republic and monarchy are different forms of state. There are different rules on how the head of state is determined. In a monarchy, the head of state is determined by the order of succession.

What is a Republic
What is a Republic

For example, in many monarchies, the eldest child becomes the next king or queen. In a republic, the people or a small group decide who is the head of state. The head of state is not determined by the order of succession.

In addition to state forms, there are also forms of government. Examples of forms of government are the External link:Democracy or the External link:Dictatorship. There are republics with the form of government democracy. It is also called a democratic republic.

An example is the Internal link:Federal Republic of Germany. The people elect representatives. These representatives form or elect an external link:Government. The representatives also make the external link:Laws. The people have all the decision-making power.

There are also republics with the form of government dictatorship.
An example is the external link:DDR. GDR stands for German Democratic Republic. The GDR was not a democracy. The GDR was a dictatorship. Not all people in the people had the decision-making power. Only a select group of people made decisions.

The word “republic” comes from the Latin term “res publica” (“polity”) and meant the people of the state. A republic is a form of state in which the people of the state have supreme power. All decision-making power emanates from the state people, its elected representatives form the government and make the laws. The opposite would be an absolute monarchy or a dictatorship.

Federal Republic of Germany
Germany is a parliamentary democratic republic. This is also expressed in the name of our state: the Federal Republic of Germany. Sometimes, however, dictatorships also call themselves a “republic”. This was the case with the GDR, for example. The abbreviation GDR stood for “German Democratic Republic”.

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