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What is a Rational Number

In this chapter we will deal with the rational numbers. These form an extension of the integers and thus not only bring new numbers, but also other rules with them. Here we want to give you an overview of the term and the properties of the new set of numbers.

What is a Rational Number
What is a Rational Number
Rational Number
Rational Number

Rational numbers are an elementary set of numbers that contains all natural numbers, integers, fractions and decimals that can be represented as a fraction. They are important components in everyday life and in various professional fields. In the school subject of math, rational numbers are usually taught from grade 5. However, the rational numbers will accompany you on many topics until you graduate from school:

Fractional calculation
Calculate sizes and units
Percentage calculation
Interest Calculation
It is therefore important to understand the basics and rules of arithmetic in order to be able to solve tasks on rational numbers. Rational numbers can be added, subtracted, multiplied and divided, as well as represented on a number line.

If you want to go straight to the tasks with rational numbers, you can turn our class work into rational numbers.

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